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Fertilizer Injectors

Fertilizer injectors, also known as nutrient dosers, help growers maintain pH and nutrient levels in their soil and hydroponic gardens. They are mechanical devices that are an essential part of modern greenhouse and growroom operations.

Through the use of a fertilizer injector, growers are more easily able to apply things like water-soluble fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth regulators, wetting agents, disinfectants, and mineral acids to their crops.

Some of today’s fertilizer injectors come equipped to monitor four or more solutions and have probes that measure the reservoir of the fertilizers or other chemicals. An automatic nutrient doser ensures stable chemical levels, prevents overcorrecting, saves on labor, and avoids shocking the plants from a sudden change to their environment.

The manufacturers of fertilizer injectors listed here can provide you with all the tools you need to properly set up and care for your equipment so it won’t steer you wrong in your greenhouse or growroom.

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