EZ-GRO specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of agricultural specialty nutrients and plant stimulators, offering a wide range of products for fruits, vegetables, turfs, and greenhouses.

We pride ourselves on our unique formulations and ready to go programs. Working with distributors to develop plant nutrition for private label customers, we care about getting the right products into the right hands.

Our current push is certified organic and EPA/CFIA registered plant food, with staff solely committed to product registration at your disposal. We are also one of the few North American manufacturers that offer a full line of phosphite liquids.

We are best known for products like: Nature's Nectar Nitrogen 5-0-0, Nature's Nectar Phosphorous 0-4-0, Nature's Nectar Potassium 5-0-0, Organa-Add 2-0-0, Organa-Guano 0-4-0, and Pure Flowers 0-30-20.

We have also developed our own line of rooting and propagation products, GRO-Root, which consists of both gels and liquids to suit any personal preference. Both forms use the best tested combinations of IBA and NAA to ensure the best results.

We have also offer a multi-purpose product, CytoKelp that combines Kinetin, calcium, magnesium, kelp extract and yucca in such a way as to promote excellent rooting and vegetative growth. One of many unique products we carry, GRO-Root will have a noticeable impact on the quality of your plants.

Our newest range of products boasts pesticide-like effects, while being completely organic in nature. With the current shift away from pesticides, we have vigorously worked towards providing products that are both environmentally-friendly and safe to use, while effectively promoting vigorous plant growth and improving the overall health of the plant.
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