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EZ-CLONE Enterprises Inc. was established in 2000 by Billy Blackburn and Brad Mickelsen. These gentlemen have been horticulture growers for two decades.

EZ-CLONE is honored to be one of the top, A-List brands in the hydroponic and indoor gardening industry. They understand your demand for superior products and can thoroughly fulfill your Plant Cloning and Propagation needs.

EZ-CLONE's goal has been to focus specifically on simplifying the plant cloning process, using the art of Aeroponics, while creating a high integrity product that works “for you” and guarantees results.

They pride themselves on becoming the utmost authority on horticultural aeroponic cloning. Their many years of expertise and friendly customer service has garnered them great respect and solidified an exemplary reputation throughout the rapidly expanding hydroponic industry.

Pioneering the “Cloning Machine Niche”, EZ-CLONE has become the Industry Leader, winning growers’ praise and multiple industry accolades, including Best Aeroponic Cloning Machine and Best New Horticulture Product.

EZ-CLONE can proudly say they have maintained a less than 1% return rate. Their products are made with the strictest standards, highest quality parts available and are assembled and packaged right here in the USA. Their systems come with a lifetime warranty.

EZ-CLONE manufactures a range of plant cloning tools and equipment like small systems, large systems, rooting compounds, colored collars, coco collars, black collars, crib tents, manifolds, and even their own apparel!

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10170 Croydon Way Ste. G
Sacramento, California 95827
United States

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