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Extraction has become a rapidly expanding category in the modern growing industry. Commercial extraction equipment is used to extract the valuable compounds like essential oils from crops. They can be massive, multi-thousand-dollar floor models, or simpler table-top machines.

The focus of any extraction process is to create a powerhouse product that surpasses the basic plant material. However, when the product is properly extracted, it should still retain the tastes and effects of the plant. Some concentrates even continue to smell like the original plant material, while others have little or no odor.

The extraction techniques used to create plant concentrates are typically performed by trained professionals in laboratory settings because not all methods are safe and some are quite complex. However, with the evolving technology, extraction methods have been made more accessible and safer for hobbyists.

Popular extraction methods include alcohol extraction, closed-loop extraction, CO2 extraction, and hydrocarbon extraction.

The Grasshopper Extractor revolutionizes the dry ice pollen extraction method by automating the process. The Grasshopper Extractor is an all natural,... Learn More
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Founded and based in New Jersey, United States, Across International supplies laboratory equipment, in the areas of heat treatment and material... Learn More
Medxtractor manufactures small-scale CO2-based cannabis oil extractors for sale to craft growers worldwide (there are installations on 3 continents).... Learn More
The FlexMOD team understands what it takes to design & build world-class cultivation facilities. FlexMOD clients benefit from our industry... Learn More
The Original Resinator was established in 2011. Home of the only multi-use, wet/dry, flash freeze, all-in-one, patented, rotary separation apparatus... Learn More

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