Exotic Nutrients

Exotic Nutrients was founded in the Pacific North West around 2010 when we discovered conventional fertilizers currently available on the market were only partly effective for one of the most popular plants grown in the region, it was then we determined to create a nutrient line unlike anything the industry has ever seen. So we hand picked the finest ingredients from the worlds rainforests to provide the ultimate plant nutrition, Exotic Nutrients was born.

Exotic Nutrients will bring any plant to its maximum genetic potential, by using the power of rainforest botanicals. Exotic Plants Require Exotic Nutrients, Period!

Exotic Nutrients line of products will increase:

  • Growth Rate
  • Bud Sites
  • Size
  • Yield
  • Taste
  • blooms
  • Flavors
  • Colors
  • Fragrance
  • Essential oil production
  • Potency
  • Pest resistance

Exotic Nutrients products are developed and manufactured right here in the pacific northwest state of Washington.

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Featured Location

P.O. Box 291
Toutle, Washington 98649
United States

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