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Environment Control

Environmental control is a major category in the modern growing industry because it covers everything from air quality, ventilation, odor control, CO2 supplementation, temperature control, and humidity control. Even lighting levels can factor into environmental control decisions that must be made when it comes to grow room management and design.

The manufacturers found in the environmental control category all design equipment that helps growers create and maintain the optimal environment for maximum yields.

Whether that’s fans and filters, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, or CO2 supplementation solutions, you can find it through these companies, which are further divided into sub sectors to help you narrow down your search.

When it comes to environmental control, important considerations to make are the size of your space, the environmental conditions immediately outside of your room, how many plants you wish grow, and how what types of crops you are growing. Research is a key factor in controlling your grow room’s environment.

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The QSeries is set to become the definitive LED cultivation lighting solution.At the heart of the Q Series is its passive-cooling, aluminum honeycomb... Learn More
Aura Systems was one of the first companies to offer ductless mini-split air conditioners to the hydroponics industry. The Aura Systems line of... Learn More
Black Orchid is a manufacturer of premium ventilation, grow tents, and odor control products for the indoor gardening market in the UK and Europe.... Learn More
Dyna-Gro has 35 years experience developing the most concentrated and complete one-part plant nutrients on the market. Our Foliage-Pro, Grow and... Learn More
EBAC Industrial Products Inc. manufacture a wide range of dehumidifiers for many different industries, including the horticulture industry. EBAC... Learn More
Growlush is Australia's premier hydroponics equipment brand and distributor in Australia, empowering hydroponic growers with the means and the... Learn More
Micro-TES, Inc., founded in 1991, manufactures a broad line of microbial based products. These products consist of blends of acclimated, naturally... Learn More
Nickel City Wholesale Garden Supply was founded in 2000 after its founders spent 24 years working in hydroponics stores. We are a wholesale supplier... Learn More
Odorchem Manufacturing Corp. are the creators of the ONA Odor Neutralizing Agent. The ONA odor neutralizing agent is the number one, multiple... Learn More
Open Grow is a company dedicated to the creation and distribution of automation solutions for any agricultural endeavour. Open Grow is the proud... Learn More
Since 1988, Omnitec Design has been designing and manufacturing Air Purification equipment. Our equipment has become one of the industry's leading... Learn More
The Curecork International is the producer of CureCorkTM . CureCorkTM is the first automated curing solution designed for commercial and individual... Learn More
The FlexMOD team understands what it takes to design & build world-class cultivation facilities. FlexMOD clients benefit from our industry... Learn More

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