Elevation Organics Inc.

Elevation Organics is a Colorado based fertilizer manufacturer using only the finest ingredients and placing high standards on the methods used to produce the healthiest, most effective organic fertilizers available.

We believe that the fertilizers used on our earth should not harm the environment we depend on. We know we can use things in our gardens and farms that don't harm soil biology, pollute waterways or leave the diets of plants incomplete.

Elevation Organics holds true to those beliefs with a cold process, completely organic fertilizer line that contains no by-products, dyes, mineral salts, cheap manures, or fillers of any kind.

Elevation Organics are the creators of Summit Soils, Peak Harvest Nutrients, Mountain Blossoms Dry Nutrients, and several soil amendments such as our Fertile Valley Soil Builder and Tea Brew, Crucial Castings, and Bokashi Root Zone Inoculant.

In the Peak Harvest line, growers love our Grow, Bloom, Essential Gold CalMag, Peak Harvest Humic Acid, and Desert Nectar Yucca Extract, shown below. You can find Elevation Organics products in retail stores, buy them online, buy them wholesale, and/or request a sample through our website.

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2839 Nansen Drive Suite B1
Medford, Oregon 97504
United States

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