Eden Garden Supply

Eden Garden Supply in Florida is Pensacola's leading hydroponic retailer specializing in organic amendments for all soil and hydroponic needs.

We have all your hydroponics systems, nutrients, lights, organic supplies and equipment you will need.

There is a wide variety of products for you to explore, so take your time and have a look at your leisure.

At Eden Garden Supply, you'll find brands like Humboldt Nutrients, FoxFarm Fertilizers, PRO-MIX, and more!

Do you know, who, what and where your food came from? Get back to the basics, and grow your own food and herbs indoors or out.

Container gardening is another thing made easy at Eden Garden Supply.

Come see what you can grow in just a few square feet and just a little bit of your time.

Enjoy the benefits of knowing what's in your family's food by growing your own. Start by visiting Eden Garden Supply today!

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Featured Location

3111 N. Davis Hwy.
Pensacola, Florida 32503
United States

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