East Coast Hydro

East Coast Hydro has two locations to serve the people of Massachusetts: one store is in Raynham, the other is in Fall River.

Our goal at East Coast Hydro is to provide year round gardening equipment and successful techniques with a wide variety of innovative, organic and environmentally friendly products.

We are a full-service indoor and outdoor gardening supply store. We carry everything: seed starters, containers of all sizes, soil, coco, many other growing mediums, bulbs, ballasts, hoods, pH meters, and nutrients from all the top companies.

Some of the nutrient brands we carry include Botanicare, General Hydroponics, House and Garden, Green Planet, Foxfarm, Mills, Heavy 16, Complete Hydroponics, Nutrifield, Technaflora, Current Culture, Green Tree Soil, Buddhas Tree and Roots Organics.

Store Hours

Monday to Friday 11am-7pm

Saturday to Sunday 11am-4pm

Come and shop with us!

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Featured Location


1470 New State Hwy., Rte. 44, Ste. 5
Raynham, Massachusetts 02767
United States

Additional Locations

  • Fall River

    365 Kilburn Street
    Fall River, Massachusetts 02724
    United States

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