Dome Garden Supplies

Dome Garden Supplies is an international distributor of a wide range of hydroponic products for the hydroponic and allied gardening goods retailer. Since 1998, Dome has sourced and distributed the very best global brands and technology in its multi-brand strategy.

It's also been deeply embedded in the hydroponic industry's development, through The Dome Group's R&D of some of the world's leading hydro products.

Passionate about hydro, we love sharing our expert knowledge, resources and profit-driving solutions with our retailer partners across Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Providing a wholesale network devoted to growing the future, Dome Garden Supplies distributes a multiple number of industry standard brands and products that are focused at delivering quality and value to the Retail Gardening outlets and their Gardeners.

We reward and support retailers with opportunity to harvest the rewards of a greener future with rapid supply fulfilment, knowledge, product and brand support to deliver customer satisfaction and Grow our partnerships. Harvesting the rewards of a greener future begins at Dome Garden supplies.

Dome Garden Supplies is Wholesale Hydro.

Think Dome. Think Hydro.

Featured brands include Nutrifield, HarvestCube, Cellobind, Chef’s Aid, Grotek, Smart Garden, Quantus, TrimPro, EP, Lucious, Jungle Room, and Potami.

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Featured Location


12 Pinnacle Rd.
Altona North, VIC, 3025

Additional Locations

  • USA

    Unit B, 651 Barrington Ave.
    Ontario, California 91764
    United States

  • New Zealand

    Unit 4/117 Montgomerie Road
    Auckland, 2022
    New Zealand

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