DL Wholesale Inc.

DL Wholesale is an innovative and the fastest growing Hydroponics and Horticulture wholesaler in the industry that operates with the same ethics and standards as a small family operated business.

We're a manufacturer and distributor of indoor/outdoor gardening supplies that only sells to retailers and do not sell directly to the general public. Our focus is to develop and bring to market products that best serve growers.

DL Wholesale supports the culture and community of the indoor gardening Industry. We know that it's not just a business, but a way of life. Large corporations attract the pockets of Wall Street. We support the pockets of Grow Street! Keep Wall Street off Grow Street, and keep ALL of our pockets full.

Why buy from DL Wholesale?

  • Quality products at low prices. Since we don't have overpaid executive officers or investors to answer to, we are able to operate on much lower margins, which means better quality for a better price.
  • Multiple distribution centers throughout the U.S allow us to provide prompt service & delivery. Rapid fast processing with Same Day Shipping on most orders.
  • Feel like a number? Sick of feeling like just another account blurred into a corporate database? Whether you spend $10,000 or $1,000,000, DL Wholesale will work just as hard for you. We hope ALL of our partners will expand and take their business to the next level. Small fish can be big fish, they just have to grow. Lets grow together!
  • Warranties shouldn't be a war Things happen, goods are defective. If our products wronged you, we will make it right. A fast and prompt return service is a must if your customers want to keep their garden flourishing.
  • Have it your way! Whether you place an order on our website, text your favorite DL rep, email us or even send a carrier pigeon "not recommended", we'll do what it takes to get goods promptly delivered to your door. Other companies have cut-offs and follow strict guidelines. We follow hard work and customer service guidelines. If it's possible, we make it happen!

Where can I find DL Wholesale Products?

DL Wholesale Brands can be found at most local Hydroponic Store locations near you.

We provide unmatched quality, service and pricing. Contact us today to see how DL Wholesale can help your company GROW. With nearly 200 brands and over 1,500 items in stock, DL Wholesale proudly distributes hydroponic equipment and accessories to over 1,000 hydroponic stores nationwide.

Each product has been passionately designed and meticulously engineered, ensuring the highest quality.

DL Wholesale continues to bring to market quality products at fantastically low prices, helping our retail partners make more money in their businesses.

The DL Wholesale team is committed to providing a world-class experience to each of its customers, and to each of your customers.

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Featured Location

A - 7041 Las Positas Rd
Livermore, California 94551
United States

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