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In horticulture, curing is an important part of the harvesting process. Curing is the method used to properly dry and store buds before they are suitable for consumption. The curing process makes for a dryer, cleaner, and much smoother end product.

Moving plants from the drying stage into the curing stage at just the right time improves the product's flavor, potency, and other desired characteristics. While it's true that some plants can be left to dry and cure without special equipment, professional growers require the ability to have full control over the curing process.

The curing category ranges from large industrial machines suitable for curing commercial-sized batches of plant material, to portable, disposable humidity packs intended to control humidity levels in storage containers.

The curing category of modern growing can also apply to equipment like plant drying racks, food dehydrators, as well as storage solutions like glass jars, right up to humidors.

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