The Curecork International is the producer of CureCorkTM . CureCorkTM is the first automated curing solution designed for commercial and individual growers. Curecork takes the guess-work out of curing and consistently ensures the best possible product every time with optimal flavor, aroma, and character. Never lose a batch or harvest again to over-drying or mold build up. CureCorkTM can be used in any size container from 32oz. Mason jars to 5 gal buckets and 20 gallon bins. The CureCorkTM fills a critical need in the production and storage of herbs and spices, automating what is now largely a manual process, reducing cost and ensuring a consistent product every time.

  • Automated Burping – Curecork circulates fresh air into your container on your desired cycle times, removing the manual labor and eliminating the need to self-monitor your containers – never babysit your product again
  • Programmable – Program it once for your desired curing cycle and target humidity level and just leave it and let it breath
  • Optimizes Curing - Maintains proper humidity level inside your container for optimal curing. Curing is an art and maintaining the proper humidity level for the correct amount of time is a critical step in creating a product with optimal flavor, aroma, and character
  • Protect against dangerous mold build up – It’s easy to lose and entire batch to excessive mold losing thousands of $$s or even worse letting a bad batch get out to your customers
  • Protect against over-drying – leaving the top open on your curing contain for too long is a thing of the past. Curecork keeps the container sealed and only lets fresh air in based on its program. In drier climates, it’s suggested to place a humidity pack in your container as well.
  • Fits any size container – Curecork’s tapered rubberized design allow sit to easily and snuggly fit any size mason jar. Also by cutting a 3.5” hole in any container lid the Curecork can be used in any size container
  • Air pump circulates fresh air – The Curecork air pump move 1 gal of air per minute so the Curecork can be programed to easily work in containers over 20 gallons.

Who is Curecork for?

Curecork is perfect for anyone who cures herbs and spices or needs to store herbs and spices, while maintaining optimal freshness and character

  • Large commercial growers / cultivators
    • Place a Curecork in every curing container to reduce labor, ensure consistent curing and product quality
  • Individual growers /cultivators

Use Curecork for both curing and storage – No need to manually Burp your containers and risk losing product to mold in case you get excess humidity.

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