Cultivate Tech by Eco-Story

Eco-Story launched its grow light division, Cultivate Tech, after over a decade of research and experience in the LED lighting industry. As the medical marijuana industry and the indoor grow market gained momentum, Eco-Story saw the need for a comprehensive line of full spectrum grow lights that offered the same benefits of traditional LED lighting.

Cultivate Tech’s patented series of grow fixtures produce higher than normal yields using just 160 to 800 watts of power – half the energy of high pressure sodium or metal halide lights.

With our inclusion of passive cooling technology, our fixtures are cool to the touch without the use of internal fans so they can be placed within inches of your canopy allowing for maximum photon delivery to your plants. Additionally, Cultivate Tech fixtures are full cycle grow lights and come equipped with Bluetooth controls that allow complete customization of the light spectrum to fit each individual growers needs. It can be kept simple with the Veg and Flower preset buttons or the grower can fine tune the spectrum themselves and create their own custom presets that they feel work best with their particular grow style or varying strains. To round out our product line is Cultivate Tech’s supplementary LED fixture, the Bud Booster™. This fully water-proof grow light is designed to be placed anywhere you feel your buds could use an extra boost; giving you thicker, fully usable under-buds and increasing overall yields by 10-15%.

Whether you are a home grower for personal consumption or a professional grower with thousands of square feet of growing space, we invite you to check out our full line of LED grow light solutions.

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