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Crop Tops was created in the heart of Northern California by a dedicated organic home grower like yourself. We wish to provide a unique and diverse greenhouse alternative to horticulture, permaculture and hobby growers.

From now on, you no longer have to cover your citrus trees from the freeze with a garbage bag or your precious buds from an unexpected rain in a sightly, unreliable shower curtain!

We want to provide you a quality grow system that can protect all plants at all stages of growth! With the "grow with your plant" design you can get an easy, early start just by using the Crop Top "biodome" when your precious plants are small.

Then, by adding the telescoping pole you can eliminate all the wasted rotting bamboo, plus have a sturdy reliable plant tie up point!

Then anytime you just click the pin button setup on your Crop Top Greenhouse to adapt with the size of the plant! No more wasting of endless plastics, bamboo, time and money.

Finally, you will love having the ability to place your plants anywhere and have the protection of a greenhouse

Our mission is to save resources! Save time, save money, and save the beautiful plants! There are so many uses and ways that a Crop Top can help the gardeners of the world.

With a little creativity we hope your mission is to reinvent your gardening tactics and ensure a more beautiful tomorrow in your personal plant kingdom!

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Featured Location

12048 Charles Dr. #7
Grass Valley, California 95945
United States

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