Cornucopia Plus Corp.

Cornucopia Plus Corp. is dedicated to bringing the formulations of the late Dr. Luther Thomas to gardeners worldwide. Through Dr. Thomas' visionary work and unique research he has passed along a vast legacy we are proud to carry on.

With his advanced breakthrough organic and bio chemical plant fertilizers, we are able to bring back the organic nutrition missing in the environment, assisting the biogenetic pathways of primary and secondary metabolic plant processes, activating your plant's genetic potential.

By growing plants through healthier nutrition the benefits are passed on by substantially larger and healthier yields.

With an ever growing population on our planet, Cornucopia Plus is privileged to carry on Luther's legacy by helping you produce larger, healthier food crops, feeding more people with the least environmental impact.

Previously only available to visitors of our retail store, Cornucopia Plus™ introduces the Cornucopia Plus™ Advantage line of plant fertilizers – low salt fertilizers made using clear mountain spring water, and the purest form of nutrient additives.

Why Cornucopia Plus Advantage?

  • Cornucopia plus advantage low-salt fertilizers include abundant sulfur, often lacking in other fertilizers. Sulfur, working along with a broad range of nutrient and trace elements, help produce robust growth, improves foliage color, CO2 fixation, root development and chlorophyll production.
  • Cornucopia plus advantage formulas also contain greater levels of magnesium than other brands. The higher levels of magnesium in cornucopia plus fertilizers helps to ensure the plants production of chlorophyll, resulting in a greener, healthier crop. Autolysis plant extracts provide the organic precursors to assist nitrogen assimilation, root development, respiration, blooming and other metabolic activity.
  • Cornucopia plus advantage are formulated with low salt fertilizers, autolysis plant extracts, to form a clear liquid fertilizer consisting of inorganic macro and micro nutrients enriched with organic metabolic precursors.
  • Cornucopia plus advantage exclusive anti microbial agents target many molds, fungus and bacteria found in solution with out being phototoxic.
  • Cornucopia plus advantage solubalizing agents minimize salt buildup in root zones,wetting agents improve wetting and aeration of soil and soil less growing media i.e. Rockwool,peat moss,coco fiber etc.
  • Cornucopia plus advantage fertilizer purity is guaranteed by exposure to ultraviolet light and advanced filtration.
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394 Vermonth Highway 15
Jericho, Vermont 5465
United States

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