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Complete Hydroponics was founded with one mission in mind: to offer Quality, Consistency, and Reliability to the hydroponic grower and the retail hydroponics industry in the form of the best hydroponic nutrients and fertilizers.

Our hydroponic nutrients, sold nationwide through our network of retail stores and used by dozens of commercial facilities, are formulated only with the highest quality of ingredients to bring out the highest quality and the most quantity from every harvest.

Items in our product lineup include:

Coco A&B - Pharmaceutical grade base nutrition for soilless gardening. Super Grow & Super Bloom - Organically derived macro and micro nutrition for soil gardening. B Plus - B-vitamin complex necessary in every garden for vigorous growth and flowering.

CompleZym - Naturally derived enzyme concentrate necessary for every garden; a must-have for a clean root system.

Roots XL - Polyuronic acids and oligosaccharides made specifically for super root development. Boost - Special formula made from bio-reactants and fermentation to increase girth, aroma and taste.

Bud Blaster - High quality phosphorous and potassium aimed at producing a shorter budding period.

PK 13/14 - High quality phosphorous and potassium aimed at producing a shorter budding period and a faster ripening time.

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3560 NW 115th Ave
Doral, Florida 33178
United States

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