Coast of Maine Organics

Coast of Maine Organics is a local New England Company that has been composting lobster shells, kelp, salmon and numerous other ocean resources for more than 20 years.

With lobster compost as the base, they have developed Stonington Blend Platinum Grower's Mix to feed your plants for an entire grow cycle when you use a 15 gallon container. If more biology is needed, just add their Stonington Blend Plant Food, a unique blend of lobster, kelp and worm castings.

When Carlos and Jean Quijano started Coast of Maine back in 1996, it seemed only logical to name the company after arguably one of the most beautiful locations on earth, the place they had lived most of their lives, first just in the summers, later year round.

The fact they were making garden soils by composting local coastal resources like salmon, blueberry, seaweed, lobster and mussels, made it all the more natural a choice.

Maine’s coastal resources, especially the lobster, are a big reason travelers come here. Once processed, the leftover shells, berries, fish bones, etc. need to be quickly disposed of. And, that is where we come in!

Coast of Maine collects these biologically rich leftovers and brings them to our compost facility in Downeast Maine. Once there, our hardworking, experienced staff quickly get to work mixing and preparing the large compost windrows.

Once cured and matured (like fine wine!) and teaming with microbes, we bag it, wrap it, put it on a pallet and ship it to local, independent retailers throughout the Northeast. You will not find our products in the big box stores.

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145 Newbury St.
Portland, Maine 4101
United States

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