CO2 Meter

CO2Meter, Inc. is a Florida based business specializing in the design and manufacturing of gas detection and monitoring devices – mainly CO2.

Our Day/Night CO2 Controller for indoor greenhouses and grow rooms is one of our newest and best-selling products.

Whether you're interested in indoor air quality, LEED certification, CO2 safety or greenhouse control, we have the right product to fit your requirements and budget.

Our approach is one based in the science of gas and how best to accurately and repeatedly measure that gas for the end users purposes.

Our business partners in agriculture, HVAC, science, safety, research, pharmaceuticals, beverage, and other fields find our devices to be highly accurate and cost effective.

We approach each customer’s application as a unique opportunity to understand, educate, and provide product solutions that meet the customers’ needs while exceeding their expectations for reliability and service.

Our continued product innovation in combination with our “customer first” focus allows CO2Meter, Inc. to continue to provide solutions for the future.

Based in Ormond Beach, FL, CO2Meter, Inc. is committed to the success of our customers; the health, welfare, and prosperity of our talented employees; and the continued development of our local community.

CO2Meter, Inc. appreciates your business and looks forward to working with you and your team in the future.

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131 Business Center Dr.
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174
United States

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