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CO2 Equipment

CO2 equipment is a large category in the modern growing industry consisting of everything from dosers, tanks, generators, and burners to more passive CO2 supplementation options like portable bags, bottles, pads, and buckets.

The type you use depends largely on your budget, how many plants you have packed into one area, and how much fresh air you’re allowing into the room.

Providing your garden with extra carbon dioxide can have a dramatically positive effect on plant growth and yields. But like with nutrients, simply adding as much as you can is not the best way to go about it. That is why, to conserve carbon dioxide, a controller is often used in conjunction with dosers or generators.

Another important thing to invest in are the tools necessary to monitor CO2 levels in the room, including automated sensors and safety sensors. For intensive production, CO2 might be the best investment you could ever make for your garden.

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