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Cloning plants is an easy, economical method of plant propagation that requires a minimal amount of equipment Although cloning is getting easier and easier to do, it can still be a delicate procedure requiring the correct use of sharp, sterilized pruners for taking cuttings, and the right dose of rooting hormones. The cloning category of modern growing covers these things and more.

Companies included in the cloning category below include the makers and suppliers of things like powdered, liquid, and gel-based rooting hormones; tools for taking cuttings; collared inserts for anchoring cuttings; cloning trays and dishes; and automated cloning machines.

In addition, materials like formulated nutrients and grow media especially for young plants are available. For example, cloning media includes coco plugs, peat plugs, and one-inch stonewool cubes, which need to be filled with a cloning-specific nutrient solution.

For the best results when it comes to cloning your plants, trust the science behind any of these recommended products.

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