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Climate Control

Climate Control is a sub-category in the Environmental Control category of the modern growing industry. While Environmental Control refers to all of the elements that can be tailored to optimize plant growth, Climate Control refers specifically to devices and equipment used to control the temperature of the greenhouse or grow room.

Climate control companies include manufacturers and distributors of things like heaters, fans, ventilation systems, and air conditioners. There are other, more passive types of climate control as well, including wet walls for greenhouses, for example. It is also common to see items like air-cooled reflectors in the climate control category.

The type of climate control system a grower requires depends largely on the size of their room, how many plants they are growing, what the demands are of those plants, and what the existing outdoor climate is like throughout the year.

Climate control can be a hefty upfront investment, but it often pays for itself soon enough through maximized yields.

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