Charles Austen Pumps Ltd.

Charles Austen Pumps stocks a wide range of water and air pumps, ideal for use in both aquatic and hydroponic applications. The range is suitable for those with a single tank or home growing system up to aeration for large Koi ponds and fish breeders. Continuous investment is put in to ensuring an up to date product range; this, combined with in house knowledge and on hand customer service to ensure you own and use the most appropriate products.

Our Linear diaphragm pumps are designed for use in sewage aeration applications. Aeration is crucial in the treatment of wastewater, a supply of oxygen is essential in allowing aerobic bacteria to decompose matter, leaving the water clean. The linear range is also ideal for medical applications where a high flow at low pressure is required, such as the inflation of airbeds and CPR mattresses.

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100 Royston Road
Surrey, KT14 7NY
United Kingdom

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