Blossom and Growth Enhancers Companies

Blossom and Growth Enhancers

There are many things available in today’s modern growing market that can be used to boost the blooms of your flowering plants, including specially formulated nutrients and fertilizers, customized lighting levels, CO2 supplementation, plant manipulation and spacing, and the list goes on.

However, the category of bloom boosters (a.k.a blossom enhancers, a.k.a. blossom boosters) mainly refers to the fertilizers and nutrients part of the equation.

To be categorized as a bloom booster, a plant nutrient formula must contain elevated amounts of elements P and K (phosphorus and potassium), hence their alternate name: PK boosters.

While potassium and phosphorous are the two main ingredients in a bloom booster, bloom boosters also include trace minerals, organic stimulants, and amino acids formulated to increase stem strength, prevent weakness, and prevent deficiencies and diseases.

When used as indicated on the label, and when ethically sourced and formulated products are chosen, bloom boosters can be an effective way to safely boost yields and profits.

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