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For over 8 years Black Dog LED has been a proud leader in the design and manufacture of innovative high-power and high-yield LED grow lights. The PhytoMAX-2 1000 delivers more light to your plants and higher yields than a 1200W DE HPS! Our grow lights use only the highest-quality LEDs from companies including Cree and Osram, combining the best LEDs from each manufacturer to create our proprietary full-cycle Phyto-Genesis Spectrum®. Including UV and IR, our PhytoMAX-2 lights go Beyond PARTM to maximize canopy penetration, yield and quality while providing full, even coverage. With years of proven results we are the growers' choice for indoor grow lighting, delivering performance, design, and yields unmatched in the industry.

We are a 100% research-based company, ensuring every grow light we create meets or exceeds expectations and outperforms the competition. We back all our claims with research, spectrometer measurements and grow tests to ensure you receive the high quality yields our customers have come to expect

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2805 Wilderness Pl #100
Boulder, Colorado 80301
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