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Since the beginning of the 1990s, Bio Nova has been known as a manufacturer of premium fertilizers for all growing and flowering plants.

Years of studies and research, combined with practical experience and the deep insights that are gained as a result, have led to unique high-end products. Quality, purity, environmental-friendliness, ease-of-use, high yields and superior end-results are the distinguishing characteristics of these products.

Our policy includes maintaining business relationships with external research centres and laboratories. We network with members of the scientific community, whose studies correspond with our interests.

We provide a wide range of main fertilizers, stimulators, minerals, and substrates to the vast horticulture market. The foundation for the Bio Nova product range consists of seven main streams. Each stream reflects a specific field of application based on the growing media used. The seven streams are:

  • Nutri Forte A+B
  • Coco Forte A+B
  • Soil-SuperMix
  • Hydro-SuperMix
  • NFT Aqua-SuperMix
  • LongFlower-SuperMix
  • AutoFlower-SuperMix

Our line-up of stimulators includes

  • Silution
  • BN X-ceL
  • The Missing Link
  • BN Roots
  • BN-Zym
  • VitaSol
  • FreeFlow
  • MicroLife
  • AlgaeMix
  • NovaFoliar
  • SprayMix

And our substrates line includes:

  • Soilmix A-Quality
  • Coco Substrate
  • 60/40 Mix
  • CocoSlabs
  • CocoBricks

We offer three ways to grow: the basic way, the dedicated way, and the professional way. Visit our website for grow guides, and more product information.

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