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Ballasts are important pieces of electrical equipment that modern growers need to consider. All high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs, both HPS and MH, require the use of a ballast, of which there are three types: magnetic, electronic, and digital.

Many lighting companies offer lighting system packages that include the light and ballast all in one system, but ballasts are also available as separate purchases.

Not too long ago, ballasts were big, heavy, cumbersome pieces of equipment. Nowadays, there are sleek, lightweight, modern options out there. For example, digital ballasts are dimmable, meaning you can adjust the wattage of the grow lights. Many growers have been making the switch from a magnetic to a digital ballast to get the most out of their garden.

When it comes to choosing a ballast for your indoor garden, growers must have to carefully analyze a system’s energy consumption, as well as their own physical space and budget constraints.

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