Automation Grow Systems

Automation Grow Systems is a technology company that uses patent-pending hardware, software, and process control to provide controlled environments for grow facilities.

AGS decreases costs and allow for repeatable and tracked growing processes.

The system's hardware consists of a programmable logic controller, with low voltage switching, and state-of-the-art sensors to report and control cycle management.

The software consists of a program code developed specifically for the grow industry. It allows technology to process the complete growing cycle from start to finish.

An HMI touchscreen user interface allows for precise control ofadjustable parameters, complete reporting, and remote access.

Automation Grow Systems provides the services of installation, service, design, support, education and upgrades to legal / licensed grow facilities throughout the USA and Canada.

Automation Grow Systems: Profit Growth Through Automation.

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Featured Location

4600 South Syracuse 9th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80237
United States

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