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Automation in the modern growroom allows growers to produce yields like never seen before. Almost everything can be monitored and automated in the indoor garden these days.

There is equipment available that allows you to control the garden’s lighting schedule, humidity levels, CO2 levels, temperatures, and irrigation schedules. Through the use of nutrient dosers and fertilizer injectors, even plant nutrition regimens can be automated.

An automated growroom allows growers to control the room from a distance using sensors, timers, Wi-Fi, smartphones, and cameras. Some automation equipment allows for simple monitoring, alerting growers to problems as they arise, while other tools allow the grower to adjust things remotely.

Automation equipment in the horticultural industry has been around for decades, but today’s equipment is safer, sleeker, and more compact. It also runs quieter and more precise. There are automation systems that suit any type of budget out there; start by contacting the companies listed here.

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