Auto Cure

Auto Cure is the first fully automated curing technology that handles all post-harvest drying, curing, and long-term storage (extended curing).

The automated curing technology uses a proprietary software application and a specially designed robotics system to dynamically transition from an air-tight chamber to laminar ventilation via negative pressure, thereby eliminating mold.

This dynamic creates an ideal Minimum Effective Airflow environment that eliminates mold and micro-climates promoting consistency and standardization among the Top-Shelf flower.

Digital sensors mounted inside the chamber record and display readings and compare them against threshold values set on the 7" LCD Touchscreen Display.

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen app allows the user to dynamically control internal RH% by setting the venting parameters on the sliders.
  • The only automated curing option for large-scale commercial growers.
  • Designed to eliminate mold.

Auto Cure is the first machine that properly cures your harvest automatically with multiple sizing options for both commercial and personal applications.

Long gone are the days in which countless hours were spent perfecting the process of your harvest, only to have loss and waste occur during the final step.

Whether the curing buds are accidentally neglected, allowing for mold spores to reproduce in conditions that are too humid, or over-dried due to excessive handling, proper curing techniques are paramount to producing a final product that consistently earns top-shelf value, as well as eliminating unnecessary waste and labor expenses.

Both of these variables contribute directly to your bottom line, in addition to the general efficiency of your growing process as a whole.

Auto Cure is the first fully automated curing chamber for both personal and commercial applications. The machine uses customized variable settings and laminar air flow dynamics via negative pressure to ensure the optimal curing and drying environment for your harvest.

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