Arborjet, Inc.

In the horticulture and hydroponics industries, Arborjet has an array of nutrient and pest control products that include ARBORChar All Purpose Grow, ARBORChar Root Flower & Fruit, ARBORChar Summer Stress, NutriRoot, AzaSol, Eco-Mite Plus, Arbor-OTC, and Eco-PM.

In the landscaping space, Arborjet is best known as the world leader in tree injection technology. Treating Emerald Ash Borer, Asian Longhorned Beetle, Whitefly and other tree pests. Our mission is to develop the most effective formulations and delivery systems in Plant Health Care.

As the premier solutions provider, we are committed to advancing technology in the industries we serve through thought leadership, scientific research, and exceptional customer service. As a leader, we recognize ethical behavior, environmental responsibility, and good stewardship are essential in sustaining our business, our customers and our planet.

Arborjet equipment injects insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers directly into the tree. Through the use of Arborplugs, chemicals are sealed inside and quickly distributed throughout the tree’s vascular system, reaching the trunk, branches, and leaves.

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99 Blueberry Hill Road
Woburn, Massachusetts 01801
United States

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