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At AmmoCan Concepts, we pride ourselves on exceptional functionality and durability. Hand crafted from the initial concept to the final product. Safe durable industrial ozone generators. Around 7 years ago, we started using chemical oxidizers and realized pretty quickly they had potential with odor abatement. Once we discovered high output corona arc discharging plates, we realized a solution at hand. Using Corona Arc Discharge Technology, we are able to achieve the correct level of Ozone for your application. Explore our website and see for yourself that our custom modified generators are the answer to your solution. Consider any one of our current lineup, or call for a custom build.

This year we are proud to be offering our latest inline duct product. “Wilco Code Compliance” Wilco, or “will comply,” is designed to combat city citations for odor nuisance code violations. With odor nuisance violations on the rise, this is a scalable in-line duct ozone generator solution. Wilco is available in a clean stainless steel can, or a galvanized can with our beautiful ozone resistant OD green paint. “Wilco” is sized from a 10” diameter and up, and scalable from 10,000 milligrams increments and up. All our inline duct solutions are designed to be hard wired into a fan circuit. Operation of our inline duct products without air flow can be hazardous and possibly damage ozone generators. Call for current pricing and availability.

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AmmoCan Concepts

118 N. Locust St.
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