America's Best Hydroponics & Garden

Established in 2006, America's Best Hydroponics & Garden Center is a provider of a wide array of equipment, including reflectors, ballasts, bulbs, and complete grow systems for your indoor and outdoor plants.

We are growers that test each and every product we put on the shelves. Our owner has 30 years of experience in the business.

America's Best Hydroponics & Garden Center and Hydroponics Unlimited are an extension of Palmdale Hydroponics located in Palmdale, California. We opened our doors in 2006 and began online sales in 2008.

You'll find a wide array of equipment including reflectors, ballasts, bulbs and complete grow systems. Invest in lighting accessories, seed starters, grow medium, nutrients and additives. Get a wealth of media; instruction booklets, books and DVDs.

Count on us to provide you with great products at competitive prices. We also offer advice for beginners and experts.

We strive to bring you new and innovative items. Not only are we sellers but also growers who test every product before selling it.

Products here never run low, so order as much as you need! Visit us today or shop online. America's Best Hydroponics & Garden Center is located at 641 W Palmdale Blvd Unit D.

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Featured Location


641 West Palmdale Blvd. Unit D
Palmdale, California 93551-4590
United States

Additional Locations

  • Second Location in Palmdale!

    3020 E Palmdale Blvd.
    Palmdale, California 93550
    United States

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