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In a sealed growing environment, environmental control is one of the trickier things a grower has to master in order to turn out high yields. This is because all of the equipment required to provide such control sometimes works against each other. In a growroom, some grow lights run hot and raise the temperature of the room considerably.

Couple this with ambient outdoor temperatures in the summer months and you run the risk of having a growing environment that is way too hot for your plants. Venting in cool air is only one way to lower the temperature of a greenhouse or growroom, provided it’s cool outside, but when it’s desert-like conditions outdoors, you’ll need a more advanced air-cooling system.

Air cooling systems for horticulture range from small oscillating fans to massive air-conditioning units. Another way growers cool down their growrooms is by making use of cooling pads soaked in cold water. The evaporative process of the cool water in the growroom helps to cool things down; however, the benefits of a mechanical air-cooling system cannot be understated if you are running a commercial operation.

Air movement in the growroom is important, so just by having constant air movement using strategically placed small fans and commercial fans, you’re on the right track, but make sure you have a system in place for keeping things cool as well. Air temperature is one of many things that can now be automated if you choose the right system.

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