Age Old Nutrients

Dating back to the company's inception in 1984, Age Old Nutrients has always striven to develop plant fertilizers that are both sustainable and effective.

Our product line was originally developed for discerning customers, who saw a need for high-performance products that nurtured the biological life in the soil.

Today, we continue to strike that beautiful balance between the natural and synthetic worlds-embracing the "Age-Old" ways of growing, while weaving in specific technologies that enhance the growth of plants in a sustainable way.

With a profound respect and appreciation for the age-old ways, along with a culture that thrives on research and innovation, we continue to test and develop plant nutritional products that bring solutions to growers across the country and around the world.

You can find Age Old products being used in greenhouses, container gardening, landscaping, and commercial hydroponic production.

Our fertilizers, plant nutrients, and soil conditioners are also used on ornamentals, golf courses, farms, lawns, and athletic fields. Age Old has prospered and grown.

Starting out as a small, family-run business, Age Old now distributes its products all over the United States.

Are you a retailer looking to stock Age Old Nutrients? Please contact one of our distributors:

Age Old of Colorado

A regional distributor based out of Denver, CO.

Rivendell Distribution & Sod Farm

A local distributor on the Western Slope of CO.

Tradewinds Wholesale

A nationwide distributor based out of Sacramento, CA.

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