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Aeroponics, a form of hydroponics, is considered an advanced form of gardening – and it’s not just because it’s what NASA uses to grow fresh vegetables on space missions. Aeroponics requires specialized equipment and an entirely different arrangement than traditional hydroponics. In an aeroponic system, sometimes referred to as a fogponics system, plants are suspended and supported in small net pots with their roots dangling in the air. A misting machine from below constantly keeps the roots nourished with a nutrient-rich solution. This innovative growing method makes optimal use of its air-mist environment, provided you choose the right system for your space.

In an aeroponic set-up, there is no growing medium. Instead, plants are grown in a closed or semi-closed environment where their roots and lower stems are constantly sprayed with a nutrient-water solution. The benefits of this process are that roots never stand in stagnant water and constantly receive oxygenated water. Aeroponically grown plants quickly respond to nutrients, as there is no medium coming in between its roots and food. Think of aeroponics as foliar feeding, but for the root system.

One area where aeroponics is most popular is the propagating/cloning stage of growth in which small, low-tech aeroponic domes are used to great a humid environment young plants crave. Aeroponics is a more advanced method of hydroponic growing, but today's aeroponic systems are making this style of growing easier than ever. The companies listed here manufacture or supply the modern growing industry's top-performing systems. Find aeroponic growth chambers and domes, misters, foggers, net pots, automated systems, nutrient dosers, and more within the aeroponics category.

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