Advanced Lighting Technologies Australia

Founded in the USA in 1983, Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) has been a leader in the lighting market for over 25 years.

With an established presence in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, we specialise in commercial and industrial lighting solutions designed for dozens of applications and industries.

Our relationship with leading lighting manufacturers around the world allows us to supply a wide variety of high-quality, innovative lighting solutions specific to your project requirements. This, coupled with a range of professional services provided by qualified industry experts, means we offer a holistic lighting solution designed to exceed our clients expectations every time.

Our partners include market leaders Cree, Ruud and premium European brands PRACHT and Arcluce.

ADLT also designs, manufactures and markets LED & Metal Halide luminaires, lamps and components including ballasts, capacitors and ignitors under the Venture Lighting brand.

Compared to conventional technologies, Cree LED Lighting products can deliver the same amount of light using as little as 10 to 15% of the power. This huge reduction in energy consumption can enable consumers to save hundreds of dollars over the life of each light.

Cree LED Lighting products are designed to last as long as 50,000 hours. Incredible longevity means that you might never change another light again.

What is 50,000 hours? It is 50 times the life of a typical incandescent bulb and 5 times the lifetime of an average compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). In fact, if you ran one Cree lamp for 6 hours per day every day, it would last for nearly 23 years. That is five presidential elections, time for a home remodelling, and the expanse of an entire generation.

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Featured Location


110 Lewis Road
Wantirna South, Victoria
Melbourne, 3152

Additional Locations

  • Brisbane

    138 Juliette Street
    Brisbane, QLD 4120

  • Sydney

    Level 17, Suite No. 1715, 40 Mount Street
    North Sydney
    Sydney, NSW 2060

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