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The gardening accessories category below includes companies that sell all of the extra tools, gadgets, and components that help growers find success in the growroom. From containers and growroom glasses to measuring equipment and everything in between, you'll find it here.

Modern growing for maximum yields requires a lot of equipment to get up and running, but it’s the accessories that make life easier on gardeners. Once you have the essentials in place, it’s all about accessorizing and upgrading to give your crops the best growing conditions possible.

Gardening accessories also include growroom essentials like carbon filters, pH testing strips, safety gear, grow trays, shovels and rakes, cloning domes, meters, and monitors. Other things that make a gardener’s life easier and are thus considered accessories are plant pruning and trellising materials.

If you’re a grower looking to maximize your time and effort in the garden, look out for these accessories from any of the suppliers listed below at your favorite gardening shop.

Tamisium Inc. manufactures botanical extractors and herbal extractors, and our closed passive extractor design solves closed loop extractor issues.... Learn More
Terra Hydro Company is the USA distributor for the Air-Pot. Container gardening is becoming more and more popular. For outdoor as well as indoor... Learn More
Tom's Tumble Trimmer addresses your need for an efficient, gentle, and cost-effective trimmer. Our product is designed so one person can do the work... Learn More
Founded in 1991, Trans Instruments is a scientific instruments manufacturer specializing in producing water analytical instruments. Our instruments... Learn More
The Trim-Daddy is almost like your scissors, but a whole lot quicker and easier. This Handheld Scissor Trimmer offers a unique 5 Blade Scissor System... Learn More
True Liberty® Bags are ‘The ORIGINAL All-Purpose Home and Garden Bag’. Our industrial strength bags are made to resist bursting and... Learn More
Crop Tops was created in the heart of Northern California by a dedicated organic home grower like yourself. We wish to provide a unique and diverse... Learn More
Root Pouch is a family run business that turns discarded plastic bottles into a versatile, geotextitle material. The Root Pouch fabric planting... Learn More
Scrogger is the US manufacturer of the P SCROG, a portable and adjustable ScrOG growing kit. P SCROG benefits include maximizing crop yield and... Learn More
Thriving Systems Design are the manufacturers of the C-Bite. Whatever you need your plant support system to do, C-Bite can help make it happen.... Learn More
Top Shelf Light manufactures a range of LED lights to satisfy every level of grower. Our line of LED grow lights includes the DuoLux 600, the C300,... Learn More
Eco-Story launched its grow light division, Cultivate Tech, after over a decade of research and experience in the LED lighting industry. As the... Learn More
The Original Resinator was established in 2011. Home of the only multi-use, wet/dry, flash freeze, all-in-one, patented, rotary separation apparatus... Learn More

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