Catching the Cannabis Beverage Wave

By Kasey Craig
Published: October 12, 2020 | Last updated: December 8, 2021 12:41:24
Key Takeaways

We can only imagine how groovy if would have been to have THC beer back in the 1970s. While a time machine isn’t possible, these drinks are likely to go down in history as societal game-changers.

Modern drink engineers have crafted more than just THC beers for our drinking pleasure. They have made seltzers, fruit drinks, teas, and more. Drinking cannabis products is much like eating an edible: the drink travels to the stomach and intestines. After that, it moves to the liver where the real fun begins. Since the drinks aren’t solid like edibles, you feel the effect much more quickly, which is excellent news for patients that like edibles but want faster relief.


Let’s explore the new beverages on the market and discover if they’re worth trying!

Discover Craft Weed Beer

Canadian Kush Tours allows you to choose if you want a sativa, indica, extract, or whole cannabis. The choices don’t stop there as you can choose ale, lager, or another type of beer. They do suggest being extra careful when mixing alcohol with cannabis.


Perhaps you’re looking for something more unique that doesn’t include alcohol. Maybe you want beer brewed from the stalks, stems, and roots of a cannabis plant? Well, you’re in luck! Belleville cannabis beer is developing the green beer you’re looking to drink.

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The co-founder of Belleville suggests smoking is a thing of the past; people want to drink their way to intoxication.


Experts predict cannabis beer will become a multibillion-dollar industry. Further, economic forecasts predict cannabis drinks will steal almost 20 per cent of alcohol consumers.

Large beer companies like Corona see the potential of cannabis. Constellation Brands (Corona’s parent company) acquired 37 per cent of Canopy Growth and has a deal in place to own Acreage Holdings once cannabis is fully legal in the US, so it’s clear the cannabis beer market is already cut-throat.


Choosing the Best Cannabis Seltzer

One of the coolest things about modern cannabis use is we aren’t restricted to using only THC. Some seltzers have CBD and THC products, like Oh Hi. Their THC seltzers come in several different flavors: pomegranate, grapefruit, lemon-lime, and ginger-basil limeade. Most of the options contain 10 mg THC; the only one that is 5 mg is the ginger basil limeade. The CBD seltzers come in the same flavors.

Of course, this isn’t your only option for THC or CBD seltzers. Creative Waters Company lets you choose a ratio for THC-CBD.

While there are choices, Oh Hi won first place at the Colorado Cannabis Cup in 2019 in the edible category. So, if you’re looking for a top choice, starting here is a good idea.

Get Fruity with Your Cannabis

Fruit juice with cannabis extract comes in different flavors. One company, Zasp, makes drinks and edibles. The drinks come in 30 mg, 80 mg, 120 mg, and 240 mg options. The Strawberry-Lemonade seems to be one of the most popular flavors.

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Legal is another company in the fruity cannabis drink market. The Rainer Cherry flavor is a hybrid made with fresh cherry juice. If you’re not a fan of cherries, they have pomegranate and cranberry too.

Cannabis Coffee and Tea’s Changing Wake and Bake

Kikoko Positivi-tea is a cannabis tea that you’ll need to add to your kitchen. Imagine waking up to a warm cup of tea that also gets you baked. Fresh minty green tea with a cannabis infusion is the mood booster we could all use.

If you prefer chai tea, Mad Hatter Coffee and Tea company has a treat for you! They have a beverage called Third Eye Chai, and it sounds like the perfect combo of sweet and spicy.

Mad Hatter isn’t just a canterpenena-tea company; they make canna-coffee too! Their coffee flavors come in minty mocha, regular mocha, and many other choices.

Ganja Grindz coffee company has decaf and regular coffee options, and they have great ratings!

Sip, Sip, Pass

From cannacola soda’s to cannabeer, the choice is yours on how you want to indulge. But if you do choose to pick up one of these products, your friends are going to want a sip.

Depending on which drink you choose, you may need to share. Either way, no matter which drink you choose, you’re bound to have a groovy time.

Let us know which drinks you love!


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Written by Kasey Craig | Senior Content Writer at MedicareFAQ

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