CannaRelief, CannaSafety’s flagship product, started as a personal project. The company’s founder, a former Microsoft employee who uses medicinal marijuana to treat fibromyalgia, needed something to combat what he calls “the red zone”: the nauseating, anxiety-ridden state that stems from the accidental overconsumption of THC.

“You don’t have to suffer, call 911, and go to the emergency room, where they can do nothing except give you a bed to ride it out in and hand you a $3,000 bill,” says CEO William Brouillet, who helped start CannaSafety after trying CannaRelief. “I tried it and wow,” Brouillet says. “I said, ‘This is a great product; there is a great business here’.”

Each bottle of CannaRelief contains 20 milligrams of CO2-extracted cannabidiol (CBD), which has been found to counteract the negative effects of THC. It also contains a semi-secret blend of vitamins, herbs, and additional anti-anxiety ingredients like citicoline and alpha-pinene. Most consumers keep CannaRelief on hand in case they accidently consume too much cannabis.

CannaSafety: Real Science, Real Relief

It can also be given to pets and children who confuse THC-infused edibles with a regular treat. Brouillet says the all-natural concoction reduces THC-induced nausea, anxiety, and paranoia in as little as five to 15 minutes, even if someone is “vomiting sick”. It also has no proven side effects. “People get excited when they try it; they can’t believe how well it works,” he says. “People can now place aside their worries about using cannabis.”

Some clients also use CannaRelief to manage the effects of medicinal marijuana by ingesting it before they use cannabis. Brouillet distinctly recalls receiving a phone call from a woman who bought the product for her bed-ridden husband to use along with Rick Simpson Oil. She had ordered it online as a last resort when he wanted to stop taking the oil, which he uses as cancer treatment, because of the major negative side effects. Three days after trying CannaRelief, he was out of bed and feeling like his old self.

“They were even going to go away for the weekend; she thanked me for giving her their lives back,” says Brouillet, who remembers that call as his best day on the job. “She was so happy; she called me an angel.”

It’s customer testimonials like this that keep the CannaSafety team going. “I can’t explain the feeling; you get to be responsible for changing a person’s life for the better,” says Brouillet. “Money is not the driving force; sure, we make money, but we care.”

“We work with people to make sure they can get our products, whether they can afford it or not,” he adds. “CannaSafety products are affordable to most, but that word is ambiguous if you have nothing. We are a company dedicated to helping people and will let our actions in the industry speak for themselves.”

Ironically, though, the main struggle CannaSafety still faces is public education and making people aware that there is a product that allows for the safe consumption of cannabis.

CannaSafety: Real Science, Real Relief

The issue is slowly improving as more states pass pro-marijuana laws, more people become curious about cannabis, and the media catches wind of the CannaRelief; however, the company still mostly relies on the overwhelmingly positive word-of-mouth recommendations from its clients and supportive members of the cannabis industry.

“Word of mouth in the industry is key … People try it, talk about it, and our phone rings,” Brouillet says. “Like I said, when you have a product that works, it sells itself.”

CannaSafety is also trying to bring CannaRelief onto the shelves of major retailers. According to the company’s website, CannaRelief can be sold in anywhere—not just dispensaries and recreational marijuana stores—because its CBD oil is derived from imported hemp and, therefore, legal. Until negotiations are complete, however, it will continue to sell via Amazon and major distributors in Europe, Canada, and the US.

Building and maintaining a strong team has also helped bring the company success. CannaSafety now employs seven people, all of whom truly believe in the company’s product and its effect on clients’ lives.

“All companies say such things as standard operating statement, but I tell you, it’s true; they care,” says Brouillet. “When we talk and have our company meetings to discuss products sales and marketing, it is always about how well the product is working for people, how can we get the word out faster … customer stories on how much they love our products. The enthusiasm they bring every day is over the top.”

Recently, the team focused its energy on expanding CannaSafety’s line. First, CannaRelief AM, which is designed to quickly remove the foggy, my-head-is-in-the-clouds feeling some people have the morning after cannabis use, will debut in the first quarter of 2017. A second new product, CannaRelief Extra Strength, will hit the market in the second quarter of 2017.

“I have put up everything I own because I believe in this company and the people I work with every day,” he adds. “From the very start, it has been truly amazing, and gets more amazing every day.”