Can you grow potatoes hydroponically?


Can you grow potatoes hydroponically?


We know many readers have been experimenting with growing different crops hydroponically. For this special Ask the Experts section, we went to the experts at Hydrofarm. In a post on Hydrofarm’s popular blog, Peyam Barghassa answers the question of whether or not it is possible to grow potatoes in a hydroponic system, and outlines how readers can go about doing so.

Growing potatoes hydroponically is easier than you might think, and a lot cleaner than growing them in soil! I use a large fabric pot filled with an absorbent, granular stonewool product. I soak the stonewool in pH 5.5 water and let it drain, then soak it once more in pH 5.5 water with some veg nutrient. Then I fill the fabric about three-quarters of the way full and place the germinating potato pieces on the stonewool granulate. Once this is done, I fill the fabric pot the rest of the way with more wet granulate, make up more nutrient solution and pour it over the granulate. That’s pretty much it. Every time I water, I add a little nutrient to the water. I use nutes higher in P and K rather than N, especially at the later stages of growth. The potatoes I harvest need only a single rinse since I don’t have to scrub off any soil. Next time, I’m going to try carrots and other root crops in the granulate!

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