Can you grow potatoes hydroponically?


Q: "Can you grow potatoes hydroponically?"


A: Growing potatoes hydroponically is easier than you might think, and a lot cleaner than growing them in soil! I use a large fabric pot filled with an absorbent, granular stonewool product.

I soak the stonewool in pH 5.5 water and let it drain, then soak it once more in pH 5.5 water with some veg nutrient. Then I fill the fabric about three-quarters of the way full and place the germinating potato pieces on the stonewool granulate.

Once this is done, I fill the fabric pot the rest of the way with more wet granulate, make up more nutrient solution and pour it over the granulate. That’s pretty much it.

Every time I water, I add a little nutrient to the water. I use nutes higher in P and K rather than N, especially at the later stages of growth. The potatoes I harvest need only a single rinse since I don’t have to scrub off any soil. Next time, I’m going to try carrots and other root crops in the granulate!

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