Can excessive cannabis use cause erectile dysfunction?

By Jessica Ferneyhough | Last updated: May 6, 2021

A: Since cannabis has a unique reaction to everyone, it could be the ganja. Some men need it, some men don’t. It could also be his diet, hydration level, busy brain, or a boring sex life (no offence).

Start by booking an appointment with your family doctor and naturopath. It’s never a bad idea to request some blood work and see how everything is going on internally.

Erectile difficulty isn’t easy to deal with as a couple, but this too shall pass. Hang in there, Sandy, this may be a way to elevate your intimacy and discover new pleasures.

Perhaps you two need a 72-hour detox from cannabis. Give yourselves a reset and see what you’re both like without it. Since you use cannabis together, try doing some other things for those three days.

Why not do some couples yoga, book massages, take floats in a float pod, get acupuncture done together, or book a cottage for a weekend and spend some time outdoors? Since your boyfriend doesn’t want to talk about it, don’t. Just provide some tender love and affection with the right dose of newness.

Another possibility would be to go shopping for some sex toys together. Adding another dimension to your intimacy might be just what he needs. Grab a cock ring, a Swedish penis pump, and a few different dildos for yourself. Don’t allow your sexual frustration to make him feel insecure. Let masturbation lead the way both as individuals and as a couple.

You two have lasted for three years. Now, you face a time where one of your bodies is asking for gentleness and realignment. Don’t jump ship; step up and tune into your lover’s vibrations. With an open heart, you two may be surprised to see how much there is to still learn of one another. Please feel free to e-mail me once your detox is over, and we’ll go from there! Have fun.

Nurse Jessica

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Written by Jessica Ferneyhough

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Jessica Ferneyhough, a registered practical nurse, brings a unique approach to care, empowering patients as a medicinal cannabis nurse and horses for healing advocate.

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