The Top 8 Cannabis Strains for Stealth Growing

By Maximum Yield
Published: May 20, 2019 | Last updated: January 17, 2022 08:40:10
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If discretion is a concern when you grow cannabis, autoflower strains are your best bet. Here are some cannabis strains that don't attract the wrong kind of attention.

In an ideal world, growing cannabis would not be a crime. Despite the strides that cannabis legalization has achieved to destigmatize the plant, there are still many places where growing your own weed is taboo. If discretion is a concern when you grow cannabis, autoflower strains are your best bet. Alternatively, great options also include plants with low odor that grow short and fast. Here are a few top picks.


Dwarf Low Flyer

If you are looking for a quick, trouble-free grow with small plant height, you’ve just found it. Many have referred to Dwarf Low Flyer as a bonsai-like autoflower. The plant grows just under 2 feet but brings in high yields at harvest in just six weeks. This specialty strain, which delivers a sweet and smooth buzz, is perfect for growing in inconspicuously small spaces.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights needs little introduction. Smokers around the world are captivated by its potent Indica effects and incredible flavor profile. Not only is it one of the most famous and well-loved strains; it is also one of the best options to grow stealthily. It emits very little odor; your nosy neighbor would never be able to smell it. This plant also won’t take up too much space, reaching a height of about 4 feet.


Purple Kush

Purple Kush makes for a colorful and stubby addition to your garden. Its purple leaves, bright orange pistils and thin white hairs are a sight to behold. With a height of just 2.5 feet and a compact stature, growing stealthily is possible. This heavy-hitting Indica also happens to be one of the 10 most powerful strains in the world.

Bubba Kush

Mention “Bubba Kush” and you are sure to hear a number of interesting stories about its prestigious lineage. It is believed that the original strain is a cross between OG Kush and Northern Lights. Bubba Kush is an old-school Indica with a solid sedative high that leaves users relaxed yet still functional. The plant is bushy and produces thick, sticky buds that are said to be almost as sticky as bubble gum. Growing it in a small space indoors would not be a challenge.

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Sweet Tooth

Sweet ToothAcclaimed for its unique kind of high and sweet floral aroma and flavor, smoking Sweet Tooth is a delightful way to get high. The Indica plant grows compact and is fast flowering. When grown indoors, the plant does not grow any bigger than 3.5 feet in height. It gives off the sweet smell of berries while growing. This strain should be on your list if you want a potent plant with good yield and great smoke that is also easy to grow.


Yes, you're reading it right. This strain’s name is Motavation and in no way will it leave you feeling motivated. It almost always locks smokers to the couch in a blissful, relaxed state. With a height of 2.5 feet, growing it in limited spaces such as tents and cupboards isn’t a problem. The plant also grows sturdily regardless of the growing methods applied to it.


Great White Shark

The effects of this strain are from the imagery of its animal namesake. Great White Shark is also known as Peacemaker or simply White Shark. Smokers can expect a heavy, lasting and deep body stone effect, while growers can expect a small, fast flowering plant with buds thickly coated with white crystal trichomes. The dense buds stay fresh for quite some time.

Black Jack

Black Jack autoflower is another great option for stealth growing because of its small stature and quick flowering time. It only grows up to 3 feet in height but produces a hefty yield. The buds appear to be almost bite-sized. Black Jack is a variety of Jack Herer and, thus, shares many of its wonderful effects. If picking a strain to grow is a gamble, you know you picked a winner if you chose Black Jack.

Growing cannabis is beautiful, fun and rewarding. With the gradual acceptance of cannabis for its medicinal properties and euphoric experiences, we hope secretive and stealth grows become less about necessity and more about convenience. Help fight the stigma and grow your own!


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