The 14 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Strains for Outdoor Growers

By Chris Bond
Published: June 28, 2019 | Last updated: May 11, 2021 06:48:32
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Lighting is easily controlled in a greenhouse, but outdoor growers can be at a severe disadvantage when it comes to photoperiod development. That's where autoflowering seeds come into play.

For the grower without the benefit of a greenhouse, autoflowering cannabis strains are the way to go. Unlike their photoperiod counterparts, which require the deliberate altering of the light cycle, autoflowering plants will start flowering on their own regardless of the amount of daylight offered. These improved varieties of the ruderalis cannabis strains have the tenacity and hardiness of their wild kin, with the refinement of those species developed in a lab by geneticists.


Autoflowering type seeds will typically start flowering anywhere from four to six weeks after being sown. For seeds of unmatchable quality, high germination and heavy yields, check out any of the following strains available from Seed King. All of these autoflowering types are suitable for outdoor production.

Autoflowering Seeds for Outdoor Growing

Auto G13

With origins shrouded in mystery and lore (including unconfirmed provenance from both the FBI and CIA), the G13 strain has been packing a punch since the 1960s. This 70% Indica-dominant plant yields THC levels as high as 24% with a touch of CBD (.25 percent). This super strain is one of the most potent on the market.


Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is the progeny of Bubble Gum and the Original Kush strain. This autoflowering variety is not only just what the doctor ordered as it's excellent for treating several stress-related conditions, but it is a very attractive plant that produces buds of varying hues. Expect flowers packing THC levels of about 18% on this beauty at about nine weeks into your grow.

Auto Lowryder

This easy-to-grow strain has its origins from three different cannabis varieties: Northern Lights, William’s Wonder and a wild Mexican strain. It is lauded for its exceptional hardiness, so it is a perfect autoflowering choice for outdoor growers as far north as Canada and Northern European countries. Lowryder is a good entry-level strain for beginning growers and will reward its stewards with THC levels ranging between 12-20% at about week nine.

White Widow cannabis strain at the beginning of flowering stage.White Widow cannabis strain. | Source: M1randje/Shutterstock


Auto White Widow

Another great choice for beginning growers in colder climates, Auto White Widow will produce highly resinous buds with a sparkling white frosting. This strain is relatively true to its non-auto flowering White Widow parents, but gets its autoflowering characteristics from the introduction of some ruderalis genetics. Though this strain does not typically grow too high outdoors, plan on providing some structural support for its heavy buds and long branches. Expect this strain to produce up to 10 ounces of harvestable buds (275 gram) per plant over its 10 to 12 week life cycle.

Auto Quarter Pounder

This strain of Brazilian origin will reward the patient grower with yields of about six ounces of citrusy-sweet buds per plant. A great autoflowering choice for growers in warmer climates, this giant will produce specimens of well over six feet tall (two meters plus). It takes a bit longer than some of its autoflowering peers, but later harvests are a small price to pay in exchange for Auto Quarter Pounder’s high THC and CBD levels.


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Auto Critical Kush

A cousin to Bubba Kush, Auto Critical Kush is a cross between Original Kush and Critical Mass. Like other members of the Kush family, it boasts healthy THC levels of about 20% while delivering moderate levels of CBD as well and the familiar Kush-type aroma. It is a fast-growing, tall strain that the outdoor grower can expect to harvest in early fall. This highly floriferous selection will deliver a relaxing high with its crystal-covered buds.

Auto Super Lemon Haze

This auto-flowering species from the popular Green House Seed strain has parentage across the indica, sativa and ruderalis spectrum. Like its photoperiod namesake, this strain boasts a crisp, citrus taste. With half of its heritage sativa, it is known to deliver a pleasant high. Flowering on this species occurs starting as early as week three and continues its cycle through week nine. Due to its shorter lifecycle, outdoor growers in warmer regions can often get two full crops in per year.

Purple Kush cannabis strain growing outdoors.Purple Kush cannabis strain. | Source: Yonton7/Shutterstock

Auto Purple Kush

Another in the Kush family, Auto Purple is an indica-dominant strain deriving some of its qualities (such as its amethyst color) from its Purple Afghani parent. This easy-to-grow autoflowerer is a great choice for the beginning outdoor grower. With very little effort, this gem will provide buds with a sweet scent and the user with a relaxing high

Auto AK-47

This “mutt” has parentage from all over the globe, as well as genetics from Lowryder #2, giving it a wide range of flavor profiles as well as a great yield. This strain has a moderate turnaround of about eight weeks from sow date to flowering. Look for dense indica buds as well as a sweet taste on this autoflowering type.

Auto Lemon Skunk

Like AK-47, this autoflower strain has Lowryder #2 parentage but is an inbred cross of the original Lemon Skunk. This indica-dominant strain offers high THC (22%) with a medium growth habit. This species is skunky, as the name implies, with an acidic and citrus-like flavor.

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The choices do not end there. Fortunately, there are several other strains that are available in both the photoperiod version (which requires switching light periods to induce flowering) and in an autoflowering version. Make sure to choose the “autoflowering” button when ordering any of the following:

Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain growing outdoors.Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) cannabis strain. | Source: Yarygin/Shutterstock

Girl Scout Cookies

Now known simply as “GSC”, this popular strain will knock you for loop. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor grows, GSC will be harvestable usually in early October for outdoor grows.

Jack Herer

Named in honor of a folk hero to many in the American cannabis movement, Jack Herer’s origins are not entirely accounted for (just like any good folk hero) but are thought to derive at least partially from a Haze type of cannabis. This highly potent and highly resinous strain is an autoflowering type and suitable for outdoor growers.


Just like the name suggest, the buds of the Blueberry strain taste and smell like blueberries; it even bears red, purple and blue hues, maturing to a nice lavender-blue color. This autoflowering strain is noted for its fast maturity and high yields.

Critical Mass

The aptly named Critical Mass is a giant among cannabis strains. Not only is the plant physically large, the yields are boasted to be the highest available for any cannabis species. With parentage of Afghani and Skunk #1 strains, it is no wonder that some of this strain's flowers have been known to break off due to the stress of their own weight. Long-term growers may know this one as “Big Bud” but Critical Mass is an improvement over that older variety. Expect flowers at about the 80-day mark and THC levels as high as 24%

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To find any of these particular autoflowering seeds, or one of the finest collections of photoperiod seeds as well, check out Seed King. Their stock of feminized and “straight-run” seeds can’t be matched.


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