Growlink Controllers are cloud-based Wi-Fi controllers that enable you to monitor, control, and automate your grow operation from anywhere using your smartphone. The Growlink Environment Controller monitors humidity, temperature, and CO2. With included Remote Power Blocks, it can wirelessly control devices such as lighting, air conditioning, humidifiers, or an exhaust fan. The system can be expanded with additional modules available from Growlink, including cameras, remote sensors, and additional Power Blocks. The Growlink Nutrient Controller provides monitoring of the irrigation system, measuring nutrient levels, pH, temperature, and water level. Add up to 16 Growlink Peristaltic Pump Modules to automate multi-part dosing and maintain pH. The Growlink app communicates with the controllers and allows users to monitor sensor data in real time, view real-time video, and control connected devices. Users can set up rules, including sensor triggers, timers, and schedules, to automate the grow process.