Autoflowering Cannabis & Grow Tents: The Perfect Combo

By Kent Gruetzmacher
Published: April 24, 2023
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Key Takeaways

Autoflowering cannabis and indoor grow tents are the perfect marriage of form and function for growers looking for quick and efficient harvests.

With advances in both cannabis breeding and cultivation technology, modern growers have endless combinations of strain selections and garden setups to choose from. Within this spectrum, there are those brief moments when worlds collide to provide the perfect marriage of genetics and garden infrastructure.

Due to the speed and size of which they grow, autoflowering cannabis strains make the ideal pairing for tent garden operations. Autoflowering cannabis completes its entire lifecycle in two short months, which is the length of just the flowering period for photoperiodic strains. Since autoflowering cannabis doesn’t progressively get bigger through several lengthy growth phases, these strains are well-suited for small, simple grow setups like tents.

There are some really interesting ways that autoflowering cannabis and grow tents complement one another, especially for people who want to produce quick and efficient harvests.


What is Autoflowering Cannabis?

flowering cannabis plant with white pistils

While most cannabis strains only start flowering when they experience 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark, autoflowering strains automatically switch into flowering when they are still very young. Rather than receiving cues from sunlight on when to start growing buds, autoflowering strains begin flowering when they reach a certain age threshold.

Autoflowering is an evolutionary trait that arose with cannabis strains growing in latitudes further north than traditional indicas and sativas. The scientific name for this cannabis taxonomy is cannabis ruderalis. In turn, cannabis ruderalis genetics are indigenous to northern latitudes found in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

Cannabis ruderalis strains developed autoflowering as a means to reproduce in the shorter growing seasons of northern climates.


Small Spatial Requirements

Their small size is one of the primary ways that autoflowering cannabis strains complement grow tents.

Because autoflowering strains finish so quickly, they stay notably small in stature. In fact, most autoflowering strains only grow to reach 2-3 feet tall at the very largest. To take advantage of the speed at which autoflowering strains produce buds, growers have bred ruderalis genetics with popular indicas and sativas. Today, you can get some of the world’s most popular strains as autoflowering seeds, including Gorilla Glue, Purple Kush, and AK-47.

While outdoor growers strive for massive bushes that reach for the heavens, indoor growers must work with the space they have available. Since autoflowering strains are short in stature, they are well-suited for grow tents. While they only yield about 30 grams per plant, you can pack a lot of biomass in a grow tent with autoflowering strains. Even better, a majority of plant material in your tent will be flowers, as opposed to stems and fan leaves found with larger plants.

Bonus Idea: Add Grow Tent Shelving
Since autoflowering strains don’t grow taller than 2-3 feet, you can add shelving to your grow tent to use all available square footage for plant material. As most grow tents are 6 feet tall, shelving will double the number of plants you can grow, while utilizing every usable square inch of the tent for producing flowers.


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Simple & Seamless Garden Setup

autoflowering cannabis inside a grow tent
Since you only really have to account for a single growth phase with autoflowering cannabis, these strains complement the simple and seamless nature of tent growing.

When you grow traditional photoperiodic cannabis strains, you need to have several different setups available to account for propagation, vegetative growth, and flowering. Not only must you design these different grow rooms, but you also have to purchase all the equipment needed to keep your plants healthy a lengthy 6-month lifespan. Because ruderalis strains immediately switch into flowering, they allow you to circumvent much of this extra planning, labor, and equipment.

One of the biggest selling points for grow tents is their overall simplicity. Especially when you purchase a complete grow tent kit, all the equipment you need to grow autoflowering strains will come in a single package. AC Infinity’s Advance Grow Tent Systems include integrated components for an indoor growing system, including lights, fans, filters, ducting, and smart controls. When you combine an all-in-one setup with autoflowering cannabis, you can get right to growing beautiful buds, while circumventing countless hours of planning and work that come with a multiple room operation.


Easy & Discreet for Growing & Breaking Down

Ruderalis strains and grow tents both allow for discreet cultivation and the easy breakdown of your indoor garden when the time comes.

If your goal is to produce indoor harvests all year long, it generally takes a good deal of infrastructure and equipment to make it happen. Whether you try the sea of green method or stagger five to six indoor harvests per year, this level of operation will leave a serious footprint in your home. Not only is it difficult to keep this many grow rooms hidden all year long, but breaking them down and cleaning them up is a ton of work.

Since grow tents are small freestanding structures, they are discreet to operate and extremely easy to break down. You can hide a tent in a closet, basement, or corner of your room and simply put it away when not in use. Since autoflowering cannabis only requires a single room for both vegetative growth and flowering, it is the perfect complement to grow tents.

If you grow autoflowering cannabis, you can produce six harvests per year with just a single grow tent. Doing so allows you to maintain a discreet indoor grow all year long, while also eliminating much of the labor that comes with cleaning up.

When you combine modern growing with advanced engineering, you occasionally come across the perfect marriage of form and function. Due to the speed and size that autoflowering cannabis plants grow, these genetics are the ideal complement to grow tents. If you want quick results in your indoor garden with a minimal investment of time and money, then you should consider a cannabis ruderalis and grow tent combination.

Using autoflowering cannabis strains in conjunction with a grow tent is the most simplistic and cost-effective type of indoor gardening possible. Not only does the short stature of cannabis ruderalis lend itself well to the tight confines of tent growing, but the fact that the plants start growing buds immediately will greatly simplify your entire operation. In the end, combining autoflowering cannabis with a tent allows you to produce perpetual harvests all year long in a discreet and low-impact capacity.

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