Are there lighter carbon filters available for indoor gardening?


I’m running 10 inch fans and 10-inch by 39-inch carbon filters and I need to replace them. Any recommendations on small and lighter filters that work just as hard? Also, what’s the best way to hang these filters without drilling too many holes and messing up the drywall? All of them are sitting on the floor because I’m scared they will crash down on my kiddos.


Exhaust fans and carbon filters are heavy pieces of indoor gardening equipment. Before you purchase a lighter filter, please keep in mind there is a certain amount of active carbon required to adequately filter a given garden space. In other words, there is no way to significantly reduce the amount of carbon, which affects the weight of the filter, without reducing the performance of the filtration system. If a 10-inch by 39-inch filter is required for your garden space, there is little you can do to reduce the weight of the filter. However, there are specific carbon filter stands that would solve your problem with the drywall. Carbon filter stands are sturdy metal stands that can be adjusted to be the desired height within a growroom. Carbon filter stands can be purchased at your local indoor gardening retailer.

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