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Since 1998, Maximum Yield Publishing has been at the center of educating the grow community. With our namesake hydroponics and indoor grower magazine Maximum Yield, Maximum Yield has long been the go-to source for controlled environment cultivation and industry knowledge for both hobby and professional growers around the world.

In 2016, Maximum Yield [officially] emerged as one of the leading voices in cannabis cultivation education and the exploding cannabis industry. Dubbed “a phenomenal success” on mainstream retail magazine racks, Maximum Yield Cannabis has the most diverse distribution in North America of any marijuana magazine, and our website is one of the top cannabis and controlled environment cultivation websites on the planet.

Our combined print and digital presence are unmatched. Building your brand with Maximum Yield ensures outstanding ROI for your business.

To learn more, view our 2022 media kit.

If you have any questions, contact any of our hard-working team who look forward to helping with all your marketing needs.

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