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Since 1998, Maximum Yield has been the go-to source for cultivation and industry knowledge for both hobby and professional growers around the world.

In 2016, Maximum Yield [officially] emerged as one of the leading voices in cannabis cultivation education and the cannabis industry.

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From growing plants to growing your business, our goal is to help you reach your maximum yield.

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If controlled environment cultivation or urban gardening is your thing, pick up a free copy of Maximum Yield magazine at grow shops across the USA and Australia, read the free digital edition, or start your free digital subscription now by subscribing to our e-newsletter.

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Here on you can browse through years' worth of articles, brush up on your grow knowledge with our dictionary of grow terms, catch up on the latest industry news, or check out our webinar and download archives for in-depth information on grow trends, technology, and business. Subscribe to our email newsletter for a free digital subscription to our print publications and to stay up to date with the latest from Maximum Yield. 


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