A Sample from Ed Rosenthal's Big Book Of Buds Greatest Hits

By Ed Rosenthal
Published: October 1, 2016 | Last updated: May 12, 2022 09:47:37
Key Takeaways

For more than a decade, Ed Rosenthal’s Big Book of Buds series has been the connoisseur’s reference guide to the best marijuana strains from the world’s greatest breeders. Now get ready for the Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits, a compilation of the premier strains that have appeared in the four volumes of the Big Book of Bugs series. Compiled and edited by Ed Rosenthal, these noteworthy varieties are the cream of the crop and have made gardening easier and results more predictable. Here is a little teaser from the book on one of its featured strains: Ed Rosenthal Super Bud.

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud – Sensi Seed Bank

Sensi Seed Bank has released this elite strain in honor of Ed Rosenthal, the undisputed heavyweight champion of growing gurus. Literally decades in the making, this hybrid achieves a superb layering of traits from both the indica and sativa ends of the cannabis spectrum. This variety was refined from the Potent Evolved Hybrid project, where pure Afghani cultivars and equatorial sativa strains were interbred over many years, and their offspring selected for potency and yield at every step. The blend of tropical genes in ER Super Bud’s background is especially wide-ranging, representing sativas from all around the equatorial zone—Africa, South East Asia, Central America and the Caribbean.


Ed Rosenthal Super Bud thrives outdoors in hot climates, and should be grown indoors in temperate or cold regions like Holland. Any medium is fine, and plants enjoy standard to generous fertilizer feedings. ER Super Bud is very manageable as she grows, with a surprisingly uniform growth pattern given her diverse heritage. This strain is suitable for sea of green; alternatively, both her indica and sativa phenotypes can be grown into excellent multi-stem plants.

Succulent flower formation is the Super Bud strain’s distinguishing feature. All females exhibit flower structures bursting with indica density, made even fatter by the running sativa tendency. The result is buds that swell upwards and outwards to crazy sizes and sport a stupendous covering of full-sized resin glands. ER buds also have a unique pistil formation—the oversized antennae sprouting from each calyx are covered with a visible fuzz of tiny hairs, giving them a woolly appearance.


Different individuals show extra sativa or indica influence through subtle variations in the development and structure of their resin-soaked buds. The sativa-leaning females make particularly good multi-stem plants and produce huge oval calyxes that spiral into crooked bud-pyramids large enough to bend branches.

The indica phenotype’s flowers are distinct and impressive, building into voluptuous columns of snowy bud with main colas as thick as an arm. In other respects, phenotype variation is small, with a majority of plants flowering at the same speed and increasing their height by about 150%. A small proportion will show a jump at the onset of blooming, which first widens the gaps between internodes and later gives an even greater yield potential.

All plants from this strain are sweet-smelling and taste of pineapple punch. As for the stone—get ready for an immediate body flush, a bright physical glow that’s not given to lethargy. Later, a cerebral high creeps up, subtle at first, yet longer-lasting than the body effect. ER Super Bud is sweetly relaxing, leaving plenty of energy for conversation and socializing with friends. Medicinally, this might be a good variety for chronic body pain and the blues that come with it.



From the inception of the modern cannabis revolution, Ed Rosenthal has been at the heart of the movement, a committed and fearless campaigner for truth, justice and sanity, which is to say, an end to prohibition.

If you’ve ever grown ganja, it’s a safe bet that Ed has helped you out in a big way, whether directly or indirectly. He’s taught generations of growers about the science and art of cannabis cultivation, and helped them discover their green thumb as well as the joys and potential for personal enrichment that this hobby can awaken.


As the brain behind the Ask Ed columns in Cannabis Culture and High Times, and the author of a veritable library of cannabis books that cover every topic from growing to law reform, Ed Rosenthal has done more than anyone we know to spread accurate, no-nonsense information on the world’s most delightful crop.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Ed Rosenthal Super Bud has been decades in the making. Sharp-eyed cannabis historians and collectors of old seed catalogs might have seen the single printed reference to the breeding program that eventually led to the Super Bud strain.

In 1989, this Ed-affiliated strain was called Ed’s Potent Evolved Hybrid Type 1 (PEHT) when it was briefly offered in a limited edition of 1,500 seeds. It sold out very quickly and was never commercially offered again. Around this time, there was a big shift toward indoor cultivation and few growers had the time or space for experimental crossings. Sensi Seed Bank’s releases in the following years were geared toward this new indoor trend, featuring stabilized F1 hybrids—strains that could be relied upon for predictable behavior.

As the years passed, and Sensi’s breeding-stock expanded into a truly comprehensive collection of traditional cultivars and legendary hybrids, their breeders found plenty of fascinating new possibilities to explore, and the PEHT program continued quietly in the background. With occasional infusions of promising new genetic material and dozens more generations of crossing and selection for yield and resin production, the program yielded several rarefied plants which proved to be valuable intermediate parents in complex hybrids.

A desirably heavy, sticky form began to dominate the later PEHT generations. Breeders focused on stabilizing the finer points of the emerging strain. Unique flower structures and flavors discovered in the program were successfully reproduced as recurring traits and the ER seed strain neared completion.

By this time, near the end of the 1990s, Holland’s tolerance for cannabis was in sharp decline, and professional breeding became much more difficult, as the large crops of test seedlings required for rigorous selection were no longer possible.

As a result, the small amount of refinement required before releasing ER in its final distinct form took many years longer than expected, making this hybrid the longest single project in the Sensi Seed Bank collection. Sensi feels this world-class strain shows the years of work and care invested in its development. This gourmet hybrid promises to be a special addition to any serious aficionado’s garden.

Look for the Big Book Of Buds Greatest Hits at book stores everywhere and on Amazon. The Big Book Of Buds Greatest Hits also features:

  • 95 varieties from 26 seed companies – all commercially available.
  • Beautiful photography throughout the book.
  • A striking, brushed metallic gold tone cover.
  • Timeless information for growers and consumers.

“Ed Rosenthal holds the distinction of turning more people on to pot than Cheech and Chong.”

– Tommy Chong

“Mr. Rosenthal is the pothead’s answer to Ann Landers, Judge Judy, Martha Stewart and the Burpee Garden Wizard all in one.”

– NY Times


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Written by Ed Rosenthal

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Ed Rosenthal is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on marijuana. In his more than 40 years as the “Guru of Ganja,” he has written or edited more than a dozen books about marijuana cultivation and social policy that cumulatively have sold more than one million copies. As a result of his studies, he developed Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance®, a line of pest control products designed to eliminate many garden problems.

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